Stella the staffie

Stella the rescue Staffie has captured the Nation's hearts after her story went viral...

Back in 2013 Stella was found roaming the streets by an RSPCA inspector, her owner was traced but unfortunately did not want her back. Bella settled into the RSPCA where Kennel Supervisor Sue Dicks first noticed her skills. 

Sue said: “When she first came in I took her out to play fetch and realised she had a real talent for finding the ball. I hid the ball in lots of different places so Stella would have to climb on tables and through windows to get it and she was fantastic."

The Police took a chance on Stella when they saw her potential talent and in 2014 Stella joined the police force. Since then she has become a fantastic member of the team. She has sniffed out guns, cash and has even found a secret stash of £25,000! Stella’s handler PC Claire Todd said:

“I am just so proud of her. I was a bit sceptical when I first met her because she isn’t a usual breed for a police dog so I tested her vigorously both inside and outside. When I saw her working she just blew me away. She isn’t fazed or scared of anything and she never gives up - that is what makes her a great police dog."

“We go round schools together talking about her work and she is great with the children when they want to stroke her and pet her. It just goes to show that in the right hands Staffordshire bull terriers are amazing dogs with so much potential.”

Since then Stella has won Public Service Animal of the Year at the Animal Hero Awards in 2015, and now the whole Nation has had the chance to see Stella's skills first hand after her stunning dog show performance at Crufts 2017. You can watch the video here.





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