Six resolutions to make 2017 a purrfect year!

Stuck for a resolution for the new year, why not select one our top six resolutions for cat lovers...

1. Encourage him to be more active

Has you feline friend spent most of 2016 snoozing in different places around the house and not doing a whole lot else then the new year might be a good time to start getting him moving and increasing his fitness. You might think that it is easier said than done, but there are some crafty ways that should entice your furry-friend. A good way to get him interested is to buy him a new toy or alternatively use his favourite one and get him to run after it. Laser toys are especially good to get your cat to chase and they keep them occupied for hours. If you do this at least once a day this will benefit your cats weight and muscle mobility.

2. Review his diet

If you feel that your cat may have put on a few too many pounds this year then it might be a good idea to review his diet for January. It may be that he needs smaller portions as cats will quite often eat more than they require. Or it could be that he isn't well suited to the type of food he is on and perhaps might benefit from switching to a different brand. All these are factors to consider however it is important to talk your concerns through with your vet first before making a decision as they will be able to advise you on a suitable diet for the type, size and weight of your cat.

3. Help cats in need

This time of year can be a very demanding period for cat rescue charities and resources can be very limited so why not help cats that are less fortunate than yours. Maybe take a trip down to your local charity once a month, donate some cat food, blankets or towels or perhaps even take a look at the cats up for adoption at the centre, you never know you may find a new feline companion.

4. Spend more time with him

If 2017 has been a busy year for you and you haven't been able to spend as much time with your cat as you would have liked then the new year is a chance to turn this around. Maybe set aside a window each day to play with him and give him some fuss and affection, after all they're always there when you need them and we shouldn't take this for granted, we need to let them know how much we appreciate their company.

5. Teach him a trick

You might think this is impossible but teaching your cat a trick, might be a lot easier than you think, in fact if your cat already comes to his name, and jumps up on your lap when you encourage him to then he already knows two tricks! So why not impress your friends and teach him sit, rollover or paw, look at is as a challenge for the new year!

6. Make your garden more cat friendly

Why not take some time in the new year to ensure your garden is more suitable for your feline friend. Perhaps put in some cat friendly plants such as cat nip or cat grass or types that they he use for hiding such as runner beans, michaelmas daisies or tall ornamental grasses. Make sure you check your garden for any plants that could potentially be poisonous or cause injury to your cat, such as Daffodils, Night Shade or Agave. You could even consider building a perch for your feline to watch from and feel secure.