Seven reasons cats love cardboard boxes

It’s very likely that most of us cat owners have found our kitty having an afternoon catnap cramped up inside a cardboard box. Some scientists have even looked into this obsession and found that cats actually find comfort and stress relief from chilling out in a cardboard box. Here’s a few reasons why we believe these boxes are our cats' favourite…

1. They’re fun to play with

You can make all sorts of obstacle courses or games for your cat using a cardboard box. Or simply take the newly purchased cat tree out of its box and let your cat get hours of enjoyment from it (and we don’t mean the cat tree!).

2. They make great hiding places

Your cat will love being able to sneak away and watch you from the comfort of his box, choosing to come out of hiding when it pleases him — and only when you’ve been calling his name for at least 10 minutes!

3. They’re perfect to nibble on

If you’ve got a teething kitten, or just a cat that likes to gnaw on things, a cardboard box is great. Except for all the damp, shredded pieces of cardboard you’ll find around your house!

4. Cardboard boxes make wonderful beds

Cats love to be warm — we all know that — so what’s better than curling up inside a snug box?

5. Size doesn’t matter

I bet many of us have been on the receiving end of that smug look when your cat manages to fit into a box half his size. The phrase ‘If I fits, I sits’ comes to mind!

6. You can make your cat a house

Come on, isn’t this one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen?! If our cats are going to spend so much of their time chilling in a box, we may as well make it look good for them.

7. All cats love them

It has also been proven that even big cats are partial to a cardboard box or two. It’s just a cat thing, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!