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Five reasons cats love Christmas

1. The Christmas Tree

You've spent ages choosing your tree, decorating it and making it the centre piece of your home for the festive period — but to your cat it's just the centre of all new fun and games. Baubles are there to be pawed at, the tree top gives another high up resting place, while the branches make a perfect hiding spot. You have to constantly supervise your cat around the tree to make ensure the safety of both. If the tree isn't pulled over for whole of the holiday period, well that's a real Christmas miracle.

Five reasons cats love Christmas

2. Cardboard boxes

Having done all your Christmas shopping online and opened all your gifts, there's plenty of boxes lying around at this time of year. Cats love to curl up in a box for a cheeky cat nap. It's been scientifically proven that cats find it a stress relief snuggling up in the tight space.

Five reasons cats love Christmas

3. More time with owners

Cats have no idea about the tradition of Christmas but will certainly appreciate being able to spend more time with their owners over the holidays.

Five reasons cats love Christmas

4. Presents!

Let's not pretend, presents are one of the best things about Christmas. Who doesn't love getting a present? Cats certainly love receiving a new toy or treats. What are you getting your cat for Christmas?

Five reasons cats love Christmas

5. Curling up in front of the fire

Cats love curling up in front of the fire at Christmas just as much as we do. While owners might read a good book or watch their favourite festive film, cats will usually just enjoy a toasty snooze!


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