#1. Who'd have thought red sunglasses could look so damn good?

#2. Bruce is way too cool, and boy does he know it. Swag.

#3. Buddy's blue shades contrast perfectly with his blonde fur.

#4. OK these are glasses, but you don't get much cooler than glasses AND a tie. No way.

#5. Evie likes to bring out her feminine side with floral shades and a pink straw hat. Who'd have thought dogs could be so fashionable!?

#6. George isn't so fussed about hats, a shower cap will do just fine. 

#7. Molly loves to chill in the garden with sunglasses to match!

#8. Animal print sunglasses... WOWEE! Prince, you look so handsome, darling. 

#9. Teddy means business. You don't want to mess with this guy.

All dogs featured are from our Pet Pride Wall! If you would like the chance to have your photo featured here on our blog, upload a photo of your pet to our Funny Pets Gallery