Tortoise care

Getting an exotic pet such as a tortoise might seem like a great idea, but before buying a tortoise ensure that you are prepared to commit your time, money and effort into raising a healthy, happy tortoise.

Tortoises can live for up to 90 years - that is a lifetime's commitment. Will you be off to university in a few years? Are you likely to move house? Will you want children in the future? Will your tortoise outlive you and if so, who will look after him? Think about everything and then think if you'll still be as committed to tortoise ownership as the initial enthusiasm you feel now.



  • Can you afford to take care of a tortoise?
  • Do you have the space to keep a tortoise?

  • Where should a pet tortoise live? 
  • What heating and light does a tortoise need?

  • Find out about the Mediterranean tortoise.
  • Mediterranean tortoises and the law.

  • What should you feed a tortoise?
  • What foods are poisonous to tortoises? 

  • How do you hibernate a tortoise?
  • Preparing your tortoise for hibernation. 

  • How to keep your tortoise healthy.
  • What makes a tortoise happy?

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