Feeding rats

What should I feed my rat?

Rats are omnivorous so eat fruit, vegetables and meat. In the wild they forage and scavenge, eating a wide variety of different foods. Pet rats should ideally be scatter fed twice a day so that they will be able to hunt out their food as they would  do in the wild. 

There are now nutritionally balanced complete foods on the market for rats, which can be supplemented with the following items to make your rats diet more varied and interesting:

  • Boiled eggs
  • Baby food
  • Some meats such as wet dog food
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables such as curly kale, carrot or apple in small amounts
  • Cat biscuits
  • Cereals.

Remember to always supply fresh water, in a heavy-bottomed bowl that cannot be tipped over. This water should be replaced every day. 

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