Pony care

Horses and ponies are very popular animals and make great companions. There's estimated to be just under a million in the UK, with many different breeds varying in size, body shape and temperament. Ponies can live for 30 years or more!

If you're looking to get a pony as a pet, then you need to ensure that you can look after it and meet all its needs. They are a big animal to look after and require plenty of space, food, grooming, exercise and cleaning out. Owning a pony can be fun and rewarding — but it's a huge responsibility and a long-term commitment.



  • How many years do ponies and horses live for?
  • How many different breeds of pony are there?

  • How to do a health check your pony.
  • Spot the signs of common pony illnesses.

  • Advice on grooming and shoeing your pony. 
  • Summer and winter pony care.

  • Show jumping, gymkhana, dressage and cross country.
  • Joining a pony club.

  • What type of grass should my pony eat?
  • How long should I let my pony graze for?

  • Staying safe on the roads with your pony.
  • Spotting the signs of stress in your pony.

  • What type of bedding will my pony like?
  • How often should I muck out the stable?

  • Find out what bits of equipment you will need to ride.
  • Appropriate clothing for riding your pony.

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