Parrot care

Getting an exotic bird such as a parrot may seem like a great idea, and they do make great pets! However before you buy one you must make sure that you do some research first, and are prepared to commit time, money and effort into raising a healthy, happy parrot.

Parrots are normally a lifetime commitment, their life span depends much upon the size and species of parrot you choose. Think about everything first, and then you'll see if you are still going to be as committed to parrot ownership as you first thought.

Parrot Video


  • Can you afford to care for a parrot?
  • Do you have the space for a parrot?

  • What size parrot cage/aviary do I need to buy?
  • What toys do parrots like to play with?

  • How long do domestic parrots live?
  • Which species of parrot would best suit me?

  • What food do I need to feed my parrot?
  • What fresh foods to parrots like to eat?

  • How often should my parrot be out of his cage?
  • Tips for handling and socialising parrots.

  • How to check your parrot's health at home.
  • How to spot the signs of parrot illness.

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