Ferret care

Ferrets make fantastic pets, but they need a lot of attention, space and socialisation to be happy. Before you buy a ferret you need to be sure you have the space, time and money needed to raise a happy, healthy ferret.

Ferrets can live up to 12 years — will children become bored of pet ownership in that time? Will they leave home or go to university leaving their ferrets at home? Will you always be able to provide the space ferrets need? Think about everything and do your research before you commit to ferret ownership.

Ferret Video


  • Can you afford to care for a ferret?
  • Do you have the space for a ferret?

  • What size ferret enclosure do I need?
  • What toys do ferrets like to play with?

  • How long do domestic ferrets live for?
  • Do ferrets need to live in pairs or groups?

  • What should I be feeding my ferrets?
  • What fresh foods to ferrets like to eat?

  • What do I need to buy for my ferret?
  • Tips for handling and picking up ferrets.

  • How to check your ferret's health at home.
  • Common domestic ferret illnesses.

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