Degu care

Degus can be great, entertaining pets, but they have a few specific housing and dietary needs. Before you buy a degu, you need to ensure you have the time, space and money for your degu to live a happy, healthy life.

Degus can live from between six to eight years, which is a big commitment. They are very friendly, inquisitive and are easily tamed. They make great pets for older children and adults, and love to live in groups — so that means getting more than one degu! Make sure you do your research before you commit to degu ownership.

Degu Video

  • Can you afford to care for a degu?
  • Do you have the space for a degu?

  • What type and size degu cage should I buy?
  • What should I put in my degu's cage?

  • How many years do pet degus live?
  • What country do degus originate from?

  • What should I feed my degu?
  • What fresh foods do degus like to eat?

  • Should degus live in groups or alone?
  • Tips for handling and picking up degus.

  • Common health problems in degus.
  • Spotting the signs of ill health.

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