Chicken care

Chickens are the most common and widespread domestic animals in the world. Keeping chickens at home as pets is becoming much more popular, especially when you know you'll have a constant supply of fresh organic eggs.

Chickens can live for between five to ten years, and some have been known to live longer! That's quite a commitment. Will you be able to devote some time each day to looking after your pet chickens? Think about all the different things before you make your final decision.

Chicken Video


  • Do I have plenty of space for chickens to live?
  • Do I have the time and money to care for chickens?

  • What size coop do my chickens need?
  • Do I need to give up my whole garden?

  • How long do pet chickens live for?
  • Which breed of chicken would suit my lifestyle?

  • What food should I be giving to my chickens?
  • Can I feed them fruit and vegetables?

  • Can my chickens be kept in a group?
  • Can I handle/pet my chicken like other pets?

  • Common chicken illnesses and symptoms.
  • Tips and advice on how to care for chicks.

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