Budgie care

Budgie care

A budgie (real name budgerigar, or parakeet) is a small, long-tailed parrot that has originated from the wild, drier parts of Australia. Over the last five million years they have survived harsh conditions and today they are bred in captivity and have become very popular pets around the world.

Budgies' usual colours are green and yellow with black markings on the nape, wings and back, however since being bred in captivity you will also see colours such as whites, blues, yellows and greys.

Budgies have become very popular pets around the world due to their small size and playful nature, plus they are relatively easy to look after and are great company! They are also very intelligent and have the ability to mimic human speech.

They can live from between five to ten years however some have been known to live longer than this if they are looked after well, have plenty of exercise and a good diet. They are ideal pets for people of all ages, and can be suitable for people who live in smaller homes or aren't allowed a larger pet such as a dog or cat.

They are naturally flock creatures and love the company of another budgie, so if you are only choosing to have a budgie on its own there will need to be lots of interaction between you, your family and your budgie everyday.

Before choosing a budgie as a pet consider the following:


If your budgie will be living in your house, it will need a big cage that is designed specifically for a budgie, so it has lots of space to move around with plenty of perches. They'll also need to be let out of their cage so they can spread their wings and exercise by flying around properly. You'll need to be comfortable with having a budgie flying around, and also make sure you close all windows and doors to prevent your budgie from escaping.Do you have the right amount of space for your budgie's cage?


It is best that you give your budgie a good quality diet by giving him food that's commercially available for budgies. This will consist of complete pelleted foods or seeds that are full of the essential nutrients budgies need, however you must offer your budgie some fruit and vegetables in small quantities and make sure they have plenty of water.

Budgies can be noisy and messy

On occasions your budgie could be quite noisy when he's chirping away, but this also means he is happy. If you let him out of his cage, he might be temped to chew certain objects and even go to the toilet! They can also pick their feathers which could end up floating outside of the cage and onto other bits of furniture in the room.

Your budgie cannot be exposed to fumes

You must make sure you do not smoke, spray aerosol fumes or light candles/fires anywhere near your budgie. Any kind of chemical fumes can be harmful to your budgie and could even kill him.


It may take time to tame your Budgie, so some patience will be required. The younger the Budgie, the easier it is to train them. This could take several weeks or more, and you should start with small strokes inside his cage, and repeat the process until they become comfortable with this. You can then work your way up to eventually handling him outside of the cage.

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