Bearded dragon care

Getting an exotic pet such as a bearded dragon might seem like a great idea, but before buying a bearded dragon ensure that you are prepared to commit your time, money and effort into raising a healthy, happy bearded dragon.

Bearded dragons can live for up to 12 years — that is a huge commitment. Will you be off to university in a few years? Are you likely to move house? Will you want children in the future? Think about everything and then think if you'll still be as committed to bearded dragon ownership as the initial enthusiasm you feel now.

Bearded Dragon Video


  • Can you afford to care for a bearded dragon?
  • Do you have the space for a bearded dragon?

  • What food do bearded dragons like to eat?
  • How often do bearded dragons need feeding?

  • Where do bearded dragons come from?
  • Being a responsible bearded dragon owner.

  • What to include in a bearded dragon's vivarium.
  • What lighting and heating do bearded dragons need?


  • What happens when a dragon sheds its skin?
  • Cleaning your bearded dragon's vivarium.

  • How to tell if your bearded dragon is healthy.
  • Finding your local reptile-friendly veterinary clinic.

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