Gorilla beating chest

Gorillas have many ways in which they communicate, both verbally and non verbally. 

It can be very loud around gorillas when they are active and communicating, but there are plenty of thoughts on what their sounds mean.

Adult males won’t back down when they are being challenged by younger and immature gorillas.

They will make very loud screaming sounds and at the same time they will beat their chest with their hands rapidly. 

This is a warning signal to the younger gorillas to back off or they will be engaged in a battle!

Gorillas also beat their chest for a victory, so when they've won a fight, they proudly thump their chests to show their dominance. 

Although it's not only to do with showing control and aggression. They also beat their chest to inform their family where they are, or that they need to follow. 

For example, if the Silverback gorilla leader beats his chest and walks off, he wants the family to follow him.

But how is the sound actually produced? 

Adult males produce a sound when beating their chest, because of air sacks they have on both sides of their throat.