Have you ever seen your rabbit thump his feet like Thumper from Bambi? Well he could be doing this for a number of reasons...


Sloths are adorable and extremely lethargic mammals, that spend much of their day sleeping. But have you ever wondered why sloths are so slow? 

Why do cats have whiskers

Cats possess many physical attributes that make them some of the best predators out there, despite what you may think, cat whiskers play a key role in their everyday life. 

Fish scales

Ever wondered why fish have scales and why they can come in so many different colours, shapes, and sizes? Well it is for a number of reasons...

Why do male lions have manes?

Since lionesses roam in groups and allow only limited males to live with them, competition between males is fierce. Rival males often fight to death — with their huge teeth and claws — to gain control over the pride.


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