Parrot colouring

Feeling stressed and looking for something to help you relax?

Stop the parasite party!

Do you really know what’s going on with your pet inside and out?

I'm a Degu get me out of hair!

Pet rodents 'Ant and Dec' end up in pet hospital after 'hair-raising' experience...

12 facts about the armadillo

Find out more about this armored mammal...

14 facts about honey bees

Find out about these busy bees!


Shona tells us how Ted has altered her life.

Nic tells us the story of Double D the 'beardie...

10 facts about the orangutan

Learn all about our close relatives...

10 facts about the anteater

Learn about these long-nosed mammals!

10 facts about the sloth

Find out about these tropical mammals!

Man shows monkey a magic trick

Man shows orangutan a magic trick

Before buying a spider

  • How many years do pet tarantulas live for?
  • Do tarantulas need specialist living conditions?

Caring for your chinchilla

  • What do I need to buy for my chinchilla?
  • Tips and advice for handling and grooming.

Caring for your kitten

  • Tips and advice on vaccinations and neutering.
  • What food should I be feeding my kitten?

Helping sick wild birds

  • What to do with a sick or injured wild bird.
  • Baby wild birds.

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